Index to Key Names

(List is sorted by last name)

Elijah Abel  2nd link   letter from convert  See 1900 & 1934 on timeline for son and grandson

Ruffin Bridgeforth

Amanda and Samuel Chambers 1974 Ensign article

Oscar Crosby 1847 Trailblazer

Green Flake  2nd link   poem 1847 Trailblazer

Robert Foster  See 2002 on timeline

Darius Gray  See 1971 on timeline

Jane Manning James  2nd link   I am Jane – play

Joseph W B Johnson of Ghana  See 1964 on timeline

Hark Lay  1847 Trailblazer

Walker Lewis   See 1844 on timeline

Helvecio Martins  See 1990 on timeline

Biddie Mason  See 1846 on timeline

William McCrary  See 1846 on timeline

Dr. A.F. Mensah of Ghana  See 1962 on timeline

Jackson T Mkhabela  See 2005 on timeline

Eugene Orr  See 1971 on timeline

Joseph W. Sitati  See 2009 on timeline  Talk