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Pioneer Commemoration – Charlotte NC July 24, 2007

A Special Destiny – Los Angeles Temple

Saints Unified Voices Choir with Gladys Knight

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School Program

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From Carthage to Memphis – a talk relating Martin Luther King and Joseph Smith

Elementary School Program

The following email came from Zen Featherstone:

In the fall of 2001, Margaret Young wrote a program aimed at educating elementary school children. Three of our eight children are of black heritage. My wife, Gayle, took on the responsibility to produce the program at Columbia Elementary, Kaysville, Utah, where she taught 5th grade. With help from family, friends, and co-workers, the program was a success. She used the script, found arrangements of the suggested music for the kids to sing, and played a PowerPoint presentation in the background with photos of the inspirational black leaders and history makers.

The student body was educated about contributions of black Americans and their struggle for freedom. The program was requested by several other schools that heard about the program. The program even helped identify that there were 14 black students among the 900+ students at Columbia Elementary.

Most important was to see the pride of those black students as they learned about their rich heritage.

The text of the Elementary school program can be found here. It is worth reading and is made available here for everyone to use.

The Davis County Clipper Newspaper carried an article about the program.


The Following quotes came from J. Golden Kimball from the book J. Golden Kimball Stories: Mormonism’s Colorful Cowboy copyright 1999 White Horse Books. There are two volumes of the book.

J. Golden Kimball comments on the KKK
“The most difficult thing Golden faced on his second mission was harassment by the Ku Klux Klan. In the years following the Civil War, the Klan was a powerful and intimidating force in the Old south. Along with Jews, Catholics, and African Americans, Mormons were targets for tar and feathering, whipping, and murder.”

‘Waste of a good sheet,’ was Golden’s opinion.” (from page 31)

“He described to his brother Elias how the Klan dressed. ‘They cover themselves in a white sheet and there’s a hood for the head with two small openings for their eyes. This hood has a point to it, which is more than could be said for their beliefs.’ (From page 97)

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“Mormon missionaries were accused by the Klan of seducing the wives and daughters of the White South to be taken back to live in polygamous slavery in Utah. Golden said one only had to look at their wives and daughters to know that such a thing couldn’t possibly be true. Even polygamists have standards.” (From page 97)

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