April 25, 2009 Day of Service in Charlotte NC

Please see this YouTube video about the April 25th, 2009 Day of Service in Charlotte NC.  The Parkview Kid’s Cafe highlighted in the video is across the street from Good Hope Missionary Baptist church where another major service project took place to fix up the church. The church used to be an LDS church in the Black community and is referenced in Dr. Mauss’ book All Abraham’s Children. In the early 80’s this area had rapid growth, but limited roots. Our service focuses on building bridges in the community.
We also had a service project with Second Harvest at a NASCAR shop that set a record for food donated. We shared with people the story of the Black Mormon pioneer Jane Manning James and her gift of half her food also on April 25th. 
It is part of the World Report from the LDS Newsroom. Here’s the link to the Newsroom:
This service was tied into www.meckmin.org, an interfaith group our three stakes have joined. The results have been very positive. We are planning similar service projects for April 24, 2010.