Booker T Washington Visits Utah in 1913


Here are some highlights from these pages for March 1913:
“For a long while I have been anxious to get right into the midst of the Mormons…I have been spending two of the busiest days of my life in the very midst of thse people. …
The leaders of the church from President Smith on down have gone out of their way…to make my trip successful.
    …I have never been among a more intelligent, healthy, clean, progressive, moral set of people than these people are. … here is a great lesson for our people…
   There are two parallels between the Negro and the Mormons…persecution…{and being} misrepresented before the world. … I say without hesitation that I have never addressed a college anywhere where the students were more alert, more responsive, more intelligent than…in these Mormon colleges.
  I met one colored man…a staunch Mormon…has a farm worth $25,000.  I am told that the Mormon church treats the colored people well. ”

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