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This site started as an idea shared by Scott Gordon, Renee Olson, and Juliann Reynolds. It is now run by a team of eight dedicated members including (pictured left-to-right below) Scott Gordon, Margaret Young, Richard Miller, Marvin Perkins, Chris Kite, Dana King, Darius Gray, and Renee Olson. 

The BlackLDS.org Team
The BlackLDS.org Team



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Please send happenings about upcoming local events to events@blacklds.org.

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16 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. There are a lot of us black LDS bloggers out there, who would love to have some support! :) Also, Facebook groups! (black latter day saints)

    My blog is for LDS converts, investigators, RM’s and just lifelong members or anyone interested, but my main focus is on the investigators and converts. I provide insight on what it is like being a convert, and also things that I learned. Check them out!


    Natalie Warren

  2. Can you please send me information on how you become one?
    What are the beliefs? I heard some negative stuff about later day saints. I had some strange things happen to me even as a child. After taking an angel healing course, I found a little about later day saints. The experience sound similar.

  3. I want to know what happen to Mary Sturlaugson Eyer the author of A Soul So Rebellious, I wanted to know what happen to her, is she still alive, I know she had a daughter, what happen to her and her husband John Eyer. I love her books went to a lot trying to get them because I want to share them with my children, if anyone has any information please let me know.

  4. I just watched a very interesting video on Youtube by Wayne May. It is entitled, “The Jaredites…Who are They? He refers to a statement made by Joesph Smith at about the 53 minute mark that the Jaredites are descendants of Ham! He presented it in October, 2013 so you may have already heard of it. If this bears out to be truthful it would be fantastic. Please let me know what you think of it. Good luck to all of you and God bless you. :-)

  5. I was impressed by the comments of Marvin Perkins, Paulette Payne, and another gentleman when hosted by Jennifer Napier-Pearse. I look forward to finding more about their organization.

    Roy Atkin

  6. How can I obtain a hard copy of Marvin Perkins discussion on skin color. I found it extremely informative and in harmony with the Spirit.

    Thank you so much for the great research and presentation.

    Sid Smith

  7. Thanks for your comment. You can google her name to see posting about her and some comments from her.

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